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Who is the next Sunil Chhetri?

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·Oct 31, 2021·

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Who is the next Sunil Chhetri?

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We will use the data from the past ISL seasons and compare the attributes of Chhetri with other strikers in Indian Football to see who is capable of replacing him.

In total there are 37 Indian forwards who played at ISL. First, we will understand how much time has a player played.


Here, we can observe that, Only Sunil Chhetri has played more than 3000 hrs and no player has crossed 2500 hrs playing time. Manvir Singh has played more than 2000 hrs and clearly has more experience than any other player. Ishan Pandita has played only 131 hrs but, in the last season he had scored some match saver goals and was considered as FC Goa's Super Sub.

Now, with the help of Scatter Plot let's compare each of the forward's performance with Sunil Chhetri.

Let's compare Thongkhosiem Haokip with Sunil Chhetri.

Thongkhosiem Haokip.png

The graph is little bit similar. The goals are less, but the duals, touches and fouls suffered are quite similar. The chances created, shots, shots on target are lacking very much.

Now, let's compare Jayesh Dilip Rane.

Jayesh Dilip Rane.png

Here, the radar does not even match.

Balwant Singh

Balwant Singh.png

He is quite opposite to sunil, have similar goal scored but other parameters are different.

Muhammed Ashique Kuruniyan

Muhammed Ashique Kuruniyan.png

Ashique has also suffered a lot of fouls than Chhetri, but lacks in other parameters. But, he has played most of the season as a Left Back and was also out due to injury.

Manvir Singh

Manvir Singh.png

Apart from fouls suffered, remaining all attributes are similar to Sunil.

Liston Colaco

Liston Colaco.png

Liston Colaco is one of the fines of ISL season 7. He is not a central player, he plays on the wings. If Chettri plays on the wings, as he plays for BFC, the attributes will be quite similar. Apart from ariel duels, all other attributes are quite similar.

Leon Augustin


He also plays for BFC. He overpowers Chhetri in Assists as he plays in the wings. If the shots on target improve, he can probably overpower Sunil in a long run.

Ishan Pandita


Ishan Pandita is an interesting player. He has played very less matches, but in scoring goals, he has overpowered Sunil Chhetri. The chances created are very less coz, he is a central player. And the fouls suffered are very less coz he hasn't got much experience and is not considered as an important player to be marked. In the last season of ISL, he was a super substitute for FC Goa and had scored many match-winning goals. If he gets to play more matches, he can have an interesting graph.

So, in conclusion, Manvir Singh, Liston Colaco, Ishan Pandita can be a replacement in the longer run. Leon Augustine and Devendra Murgaonkar are on the right track, but they have to play more matches for a conclusion to be drawn.

But as of now, there is no player who can replace Sunil Chettri.

Link to the repository : github.com/ajaynair710/Who-is-the-next-Suni..

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